Federal Judge Blindsides Democrats – Hillary, Obama And 3 Others ‘Devastated’

They thought they had Trump cornered, but he’s got all 5 of them right where he wants them.

For many years, we’ve been demanding action on the ‘alleged’ crimes of Hillary Clinton.

The FBI declared her private email server was illegal, and she deliberately sent classified and Top-Secret documents—a violation of the law.

But it was all ignored.

There are more than a few questions left unanswered about Benghazi, too, a tragic event that was clearly Hillary’s fault.

Now a judge is taking action – it looks like the American people are going to get some results.

From The Right Scoop:

“Judicial Watch announced today that United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that discovery can begin in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Obama administration senior State Department officials… including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap…

Rice and Rhodes will answer interrogatories under oath on the Benghazi scandal.”

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Obama’s flunkies will be grilled about Clinton’s email server, whether she intentionally evaded FOIA laws, her attempts to bury the case, and if the State Department deliberately hid evidence.

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