BREAKING: Illegal Deported 8 Times Caught In Utah With $850,000 In Meth & Cocaine

Yet another criminal illegal alien who has been deported no less than eight times has been busted. This time in Utah. Jose Olegario Lopez, who is a 44-year-old Mexican national from the state of Sinaloa, was arrested for trafficking $850,000 in meth and cocaine. These are the ones that Nancy Pelosi claims have a soul and should get a hug. They are the ones that President Trump is trying to get rid of and keep out of our country.

Lopez was caught traveling with his 16-year-old son over the weekend. Utah County officers pulled him over for suspected traffic violations. Bad luck for him, great luck for those officers. Lopez did not stop his car. Instead, deputies allegedly had to surround the car and force him to stop.

When Lopez was initially searched, there were traces of cocaine on his body. Then came the search of his vehicle by officers and a K9. That’s when they found multiple individually wrapped packages. 2.35 pounds of cocaine, worth roughly $106,000, and 16.7 pounds of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of more than $750,000 were discovered.

Lopez was charged with two first-degree felony counts of possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, one count of failing to respond to obey an officer, and one class A misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia possession, according to a press release from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. He’s been a bad, bad illegal alien.

Thankfully, Lopez is now in custody and a sane judge has ordered that he be held without bond. I guarantee you that would not have been the case if it were California.

Evidently, authorities don’t think the son was involved in all of this and they released him into the custody of his mother. My question is, if the father is an illegal alien, the son and mother probably are too. Shouldn’t they be deported immediately? Just saying.

Both ICE and DHS have confirmed that Lopez is here illegally. He’s been busted before for illegally re-entering the country eight times. Just how many times is this guy going to get away with this crap? ICE has a detainer on Lopez now. That means when he is released from prison, he will be delivered into the loving arms of ICE who will hopefully kick him out once and for all.

Sadly, Lopez isn’t the only illegal immigrant to be an eight-time deportee and make the headlines. A judge nailed a Honduran national who had been deported from the US eight times, sentencing the illegal alien to five years in federal prison. That’s not tough enough but it sure is better than nothing.

On the same day in a separate case, detectives with the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force stopped a car that had 23 pounds of methamphetamine, valued at over $1 million.

Investigators say Lopez has connections to drug trafficking operations outside of Utah and is known to regularly bring drugs into the state. Here’s a thought – one way or another stop this guy. He’s a criminal and that is why we have laws.

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