One of our favorite conservative actors is at it again. James Woods couldn’t help but comment on the judge’s ruling that Obamacare was unconstitutional. He seems to feel that with Obamacare gone, it will be the end of Obama’s legacy. But that’s not true at all. Obama amassed more debt than the first 43 presidents combined. It will be a long time before that goes away, if ever. And don’t forget the class and race warfare he inspired. He left this country fractured. The malady lives on. But we have made some progress, thanks to President Trump.

“If indeed ObamaCare were to be ruled unconstitutional by the appellate courts and, finally, the Supreme Court, Obama’s legacy would at last be wiped clean,” Woods tweeted.

He ended his Twitter comment with a rather brutal burn.

“It would be as if he never existed,” Woods said.

Truly, few of Obama’s actions in the Oval Office have had the widespread impact and lasting effect of his Obamacare initiative.

It still boggles my mind that so many Americans thought that government-mandated taxes associated with controlling an aspect of a citizen’s private life were, in any way, constitutional.

Democrats will now push Medicare for All without explaining to voters that their income taxes will have to double along with a bevy of other taxes to pay for it. I’m betting they will include illegal aliens.

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